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I am available via video or in-home consultation

from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and from 9am to 12pm Saturday morning

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Any additional week of follow up support if required: $100



For babies and toddlers, I offer guidance on how to introduce manageable steps of behavioural change to gently remove parental support at bedtime, nap and night time.

For older children, I offer responsive, creative ways to build the child’s confidence and ability to fall asleep and back to sleep more independently.
I will talk you through these focus areas in detail, making adjustments together, covering any areas of concern and planning a potential timeframe for steps.

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Preliminary free assessment

Following the initial 15 minutes free sleep consultation with your family, you will need to complete a detailed sleep diary and questionnaire if you decide to take it any further and prior to our second meeting for full sleep package consultation.


90mn in-depth consultation

I will conduct a private in-depth consultation in French or in English, up to 90mn video call or at your home to review your child’s sleep / health background, current routine, and working/childcare logistics, discuss the challenges you are having in more detail and the goals for improving family sleep. Finally, we will explore possible strategies to meet your aims.



sleep plan

Afterwards, I will email you a comprehensive tailored plan with key focus areas such as the sleep hygiene and environment of your child, structuring the day and night, meeting the nutritional, physical, emotional, and sensory needs, managing key transitions and external changes (childcare, parent returning to work etc), some parental coping strategies and age-appropriate settling techniques.


3 weeks


Each sleep consultation includes:

3 weeks of follow-up emails,

3 video calls lasting up to 

30 minutes to review your child's progress, provide follow-up support and answer any further questions.

This package includes:




A one-off consultation for parents confident enough to implement strategies by themselves including :

  • 90mn in-depth consultation

  • Tailored sleep plan

  • No follow-up support

Any additional week of follow up support if required: $100

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