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My Story

I am Valerie and I have worked as an early years educator for nearly 20 years in Paris and London. 

Having been through the process of helping my own adopted baby sleep at night, I was asked by the parents of the toddlers in my care for advices and support with regards to naps and night-time difficulties. 
I realise that for so many parents sleep, behaviour and nutrition were the most important issues that they were facing with their little one!  


My Approach

As a sleep consultant, I am here to provide a plan and some guidance to help your family through the sleep challenges you are facing with your little ones. 
I believe it is important to empower you, the parent and give you enough confidence and tools to overcome the situation.

More about my story...

Empowered by my previous successes and a strong believer that a good night sleep is essential to a well-balanced human being (child and adult),  I decided to study to become a Professional Sleep Consultant for children.

I was awarded a National Accreditation in Holistic Child Sleep Consultancy by Open College Network (OCN) in UK at level 6. The courses focus on evidence-based literature and academic research and the tutoring is delivered by worldwide experts in infant sleep and behaviour.

Over my years working with children, I have also received an extensive training in all aspects of childcare and children development such as behavioural management, child protection and safeguarding, how to promote positive behaviour, social and emotional development in the Early Years.

I hold a degree NVQ 3 in early years work force, a BAFA (French degree in childcare and young force) and an enhanced DBS (criminal record checked)


I believe that by using my early year's knowledge alongside the holistic sleep coaching approach I will provide a wonderful way to support families across numerous areas including behaviour, routines, nutrition, child led play, well-being, and sleep biology.

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More about my approach...

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First, I will develop a holistic understanding of your child’s sleep pattern by fully exploring many factors that could have an impact on its sleep such as: its birth history and early days, its temperament, nutrition and feeding, developmental stage and sleep needs, any health issues or allergies, its sleep environment, naps, and routine.

When using this method, making small tweaks can lead to noticeable changes in sleep at night. Sleep starts to improve before we have even started any sleep coaching, and the foundations are set for long-lasting results!


I will propose some long-term strategies based on these findings and will work with your family to find the best solutions.

My method is gentle and prioritises attachment and feeding. The sleep plan will specifically be designed to fit comfortably with your child’s need and your natural parenting style and ethos.

When parents are exhausted, the thought of completely overhauling the night routine is likely to feel utterly daunting. Therefore, the sleep plan will be broken down into stages, so that you can make changes at a pace that feels right. I will be by your side during that time if any adjustments need to be done, keeping tracks of the progress!

Working in manageable steps will make the whole process far easier for all the family and set you up for success if you remain motivated and consistent!

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